The Pandora Arc

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The Pandora Arc

Post by Spyduck on Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:47 am

Arcanica - Pandora, 23/1-1332 P.D

Miles grabbed a bundle of papers and straightened the edges by tapping them on his desk. The huge wood construction held many drawers and shelves, inside and upon which a plethora of documents, writing utensils and various magical tools lay scattered. From one drawer he pulled out a bronze disc, about a thumb width thick, and rubbed it over the margin of the sheaf of papers. The papers seemed to bond together at one side to form a spine. Miles brought the bundle over to a summoning circle he kept in the corner of the room. He lay his hands on the circle and with a quick chant a barely visible shimmer appeared before him.
“Take this report to Leximus Drahl, thanks.”
Miles threw the bundle into the shimmering mass, which caught it and swept away across the room, generating a gust that blew a few papers off a nearby bookshelf. With that he picked up his scribe robes and headed out the door.

Hustling down the corridors of the university, Miles swept his gaze across the different classrooms, offices, and commonrooms. In his hand he carried a long scroll, covered in names and numbers. He stopped abruptly in front of the cafeteria and consulted his list. From the depths of his robes he withdrew a glass stylus. On the doorway to the cafeteria he inscribed a short string of runes. He rolled up the scroll, put it in his robes, and replaced it with a clay octagon upon which he copied the inscription. He swept through the university and repeated this process several times.

Miles collapsed onto his chair and let out a long sigh of relief. His small room was connected to his office but they differed little in term of visuals. Untidy stacks of books, scrolls and papers covered most surfaces. He simply sat there and breathed for a few minutes before charging into his office again. With a mage hand he withdrew a large lump of clay which was dropped unceremoniously on one of his tables. The young man rolled up his sleeves and started to fill and empty a mold, over and over, to produce several dozen octagons. In the middle of each octagon he placed a small arrow, balancing atop a needle. With every inch of his table being covered with these devices he now withdrew the one he had been inscribing runes on all morning. With a wave of his hand, a book flew from its shelf and landed neatly in Miles outstretched arms.
“Eru sumtum copius dendere, labos mundi lahbrehct finral.”
With these words a force imprinted the runes on all clay faces.
“Durum dalmas, flagres Intrym”
And with these, the clay let off a cloud of steam, changing colour and hardening.

Miles pushed open the large wooden door and bathed in the warm glow of the room inside. A high pitched voice called his name.
“Miles me boy, yer practically glowin’. Come ‘ere an’ share the fruit of yer loins with ay poor poetic soul.”
The owner of the voice was a very tall man with red, curly hair. His clothing was strange by the arcanican standards, but certainly not by Pandoran. On top he wore a scarlet tailcoat over a puffy white shirt. Leather suspenders connected to black velvet knee pants. His feet were bare, despite the climate. Miles pulled a string inside his robes and in a flash his outfit transformed into a finely tailored outfit, complete with a red tailcoat. Miles finger gunned the barman who was clearing a nearby table from mugs and plates.
“The ol’ one-two and a Bee-plate, Hannes.”
The barman gave him a nod and disappeared through a swinging door, into the kitchen. Miles slid over to the tall man with his hand extended. Any random Imperial or Astralian would think he was reaching for a handshake, but they clearly don’t know the Pandorans well enough, this was the wizard handshake. Bump it, in with it, fingers into snakes, indigo flash. That’s the most popular wizard handshake. Miles sat down at the table by the man and flipped him two eggs.
“Done in the artificiary Baron? As per usual, nothing can keep you from the pub.” he said with a smirk. Baron cuffed him playfully over the head.
“Ye fay gnome, ya know well and true that I’m the best alchemist in me year.”
The barman returned with two mugs and a platter and put them in front of Miles. One mug held a jet black liquid, it’s surface lay like glass, clear and calm. The other mug contained a swirling vortex of purple and gold. The “Bee-plate”, fittingly enough, carried bread, butter, beans, bacon, and a bowl of broth. Miles slid the plate in between himself and the other arcanist and dug in.

As the last piece of bread was devoured, an explosion rocked the building, knocking a few bottles from the bar shelves. Miles rose up and brushed some crumbs of his coat.
“Seems like some students are causing a ruckus, my dear Dullahan.”, Miles said casually.
“Ay, me dear Milambert. Shall we put ay stop to these shenanigans?”, Dullahan answered with a smirk.

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Re: The Pandora Arc

Post by Cookie on Thu Jan 25, 2018 6:39 am

Pandora 23/1/1332 6:00

Tired, so very very horrifically tired! Larisa shuts off her alarm by slamming it harshly and knocking it over, she despised the sound of that thing and really didn't want to hear it ever again, until the next morning of course. She got up after lounging around for fifteen minutes hoping to sneak in a few more minutes of sleep, but the sound of the dorm alarms to wake up students weren't allowing her to even do that much. She brushed her teeth, got dressed up and sat down in front of her mirror table. The table was filled with all sorts of colorful potions and Larisa looked into the mirror to decide what color her hair should be today.
"Pink? blonde, I haven't gone blonde in so long. Hm...Hey Lavarion, can you help me out.

"Why don't you try black for once." his reflection suddenly appearing into the mirror. He was never one to back away from a request from Larisa, despite how simple and avoidable it might be by simply ignoring her. His body was purely spectral, with a blue glow emitting ever so slightly to light up his body. His head was mostly round, but the top was spiked up into two fading ends, almost like they were burning candles. His eyes were pure black with a very interesting ever changing stellar pattern changing inside them and to make him even more unusual, he had no actual mouth to speak from, his echoing ghostly voice was almost telepathic with Larisa.

" can see that being nice! What if I do something similar to your pretty eyes? Add random changing patterns through it?"

"Sounds just like you. I like it." His eyes closed and it looked like he was smiling gently.

"Yaaay!" Larisa quickly pulled out her brush and a few other bottles filled with some sort of liquids and began mixing them through, after a few magical words the substances began changing colors and with that Larisa poured it all over her brush and slowly stroked through her long hair. Within seconds her hair color began turning black, but not simply black, it had a strange glowing and sparkling touch to it that made it look almost like a clear night sky. After a few more friendly interactions with Lavarion, Larisa got her little backpack and put on her large witch hat and went out of her room and off to class.


Class was always the same for Larisa; boring. She never enjoyed it, unless there were funny tricks she could pull with the magic they were being taught. To entertain herself, she usually enjoyed looking through the window and watching Lavarion do silly things to keep her happy. Once the class finished, the teacher spoke out what was for homework and Larisa started packing her bag, but was soon interrupted by a few of her classmates.

"Say, Larisa, do you mind telling us why your name is written all over our notebooks?"

"You...liked my name?" Larisa tried jokingly avoiding an argument, but that simply riled them up even more.

"Don't play dumb with us! We saw you laughing the entire duration of this class and our things went missing.

"Why would I do that though?" Larisa couldn't understand what was happening, until Lavarion stepped in and pointed out another problem.

"Larisa...psst" After a few calls he finally gets her attention and points at her seat which is where she left her bag, except...that it was no longer there.

"My bag!" Larisa ran over to her seat and looked everywhere frantically for her things, but she couldn't find them, after looking for a few minutes ignoring the commotion behind her, Lavarion finds her backpack in a seat from one of the girls who was accusing her just now. "Why did you take my backpack for?"

"Huh?! Me?! I didn't even touch your ugly bag!"

"Yeah...who would honestly, I mean it looks so old and beaten up, are you too poor to afford one or something?" The girl started laughing loudly causing the others to laugh as well.

Larisa wasn't as upset that it was found there as she was about their comments for it. "It was a gift..." she mumbled and started chanting a very powerful hex and turned one of the girls into a frog. The other two who were with that girl freaked out and started casting small hexes onto Larisa, blowing her hat off, turning her arm green, but eventually one of them messed up and set her hat on fire. Larisa quickly chanted out a spell and put out the fire, but the hat got damaged and that was the last straw. Larisa didn't care anymore about her surroundings nor who was around, she asked Lavarion to do that move of his and she went invisible. After a few moments the only thing that could be heard was a sort of growl of a beast and within the next moment Larisa in a sort of half transformed form, with her lower body still being that of a human, pounced onto one of the girls and tried biting into her neck. But it didn't go as easily as she expected as a couple of other students attacked Larisa hoping to get her off the girl and Larisa backed away into invisibility once more.
"How much longer?

"A few more lines and it'll be ready"

Larisa then went on to slam one of the students with a bear arm through the wall into the hallway and was quickly caught by a professor. She was raised into a protective bubble along with the other student and was interrogated, but it was too late, Lavarion had already finished his mark and the spell was being charged up and about to be cast.

Within the next few moments the entire area went up in smoke from a large scale explosion. Larisa was inside her protective bubble and was safe, but many students were injured during this incident and so was the professor who was trying to break up the fight. The bubble slowly disappeared and Larisa ran over to Lavarion who had casted a protective shield over her things to protect them from the blast.
"Yay it's not damaged more!" but as she spoke several bindings tied her down and tripped her over causing her to fall flat on her face. She looked over and saw a very charming man and a very interestingly dressed man walk closer to her. "Oops?" she giggled jokingly as the two sighed and looked around.

"That's a very high level explosion glyph you casted there. Mind telling me why you wanted to blow up the entire floor?"

"Well...they burnt my hat and stole my things and insulted my backpack!" Larisa's reasoning only made the tall man laugh as he undid his bindings on her."

"So no more blowing things up?"

"No more blowing things up..." Larisa almost felt sad saying it, but a judging and angry glare from the other boy gave her a chill down her spine.

"I suppose you had a great reason to interrupt classes throughout the school, Larry."

A familiar voice called over to Larisa and she happily got up and ran at her dear old best friend happily hugging her.
"I was in a fight!"

"How does that make it sound any better?"

"By protocol she should receive a suspension, but that will all be up to the headmaster to decide.

Larisa got another chill as the boy spoke, she really didn't like his tone and attitude, it felt too...un-fun. Picking up her things, Larisa was escorted to the headmaster's office where she was going to have her fate decided.


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Re: The Pandora Arc

Post by Tucker789 on Fri Feb 02, 2018 4:50 pm

Pandora. 23/1/1332.
Aerilaya sat in the library, reading her book. Magical theory, as usual, she was reading up on the topic of expanding a persons natural mana pool, and thus allowing for a greater use of magic overall.
Annoyed that this book only contained theories, and nothing she could actually use herself, she tossed it away and slumped in her chair with crossed arms. Her lack of progress on her affinity was pissing her off, making her moodier and moodier with every failed session. She had almost given in and sought the assistance of some of the professors- but then she remembered how she taught herself how to fight, beating both her brothers in a two-versus-one fight.
This was no different. She must figure out the missing ingredient soon, and by her own means. Help from another would dishonor her, at least in her own mind.
"I must do this!" she swore to herself, willing herself up once again. Reaching out towards where she threw the book, she shot a chain out to grab it, and pulled it back in to herself, catching it in her open hand. "If my affinity came so easily and naturally, why isn't my progression doing the same? Maybe there's a mental component..."
She got up and strode to the mental magics applications section. This section was sparse, and underused, as many magic users did not believe magical advancement had anything to do with mental ability. Whether is came from spellcasting or ability-based magic, all magical power came from one's mana pool. That is how many thought of magic, anyways. Different schools of thought offered different explanations- and Aerilaya was intent on studying them all if necessary, all in order to master her affinity.
Her concentration was interrupted when two girls came into the library, talking loud enough for the whole school to hear.  

"That dumb little bitch. And did you see her hair? all shimmery black. It's like shes TRYING to copy me now. As if, that dumb little girl will never be as popular as me."
Aerilaya wasn't all too sure what this girl, Keelai, was talking about, but her tone and voice annoyed her. She looked over to the girls, and saw that Keelai did indeed have lovely black enchanted hair- and she remembered that Larisa had changed her hair today in a similar way. Suddenly she was much more invested in the two girl's conversation.
"Yeeeah! That dumb Larisa can't compare to you Keelai. She's just such a looooser."
The dumb bitch that just insulted Larisa was Daarlie, a normally ugly girl who used illusion magic to make herself pretty. Aerilaya had walked in on her once while she was putting the illusion back on, and Daarlie begged her not to tell. Aerilaya didn't care much then, but now Daarlie had crossed a line.
She closed the book and slammed it on the table so loud, silence immediately fell over the library. Everyone looked her way, and many of the more cautious students immediately grabbed their belongings and made their way out by any means necessary.
Aerilaya had already made a name for herself when it came to her anger- but now it seemed she would have to show two more lowlifes exactly what she could do when she cared.
Keelai tried to get up and run, but a swiftly summoned chain caught her ankle and sent her falling to the floor. The second chain in Aerilaya's left hand wrapped around Daarlie's throat,
holding her in place as Aerilaya closed in on her victim.

"Ple- I don' wan...ta die..."
"I'm not going to kill you you silly little twat. Not in a physical way anyways.
But consider your popularity status dead."
"Dissipating the chain in her right hand, she brought it up to Daarlie's face, and began chanting an advanced magic dissipating spell. Daarlie kicked and clawed at Aerilaya, but the sheer delight she got from thinking about how Daarlie will be punished was the only thing on her mind. After a minute, the spell finished, and the illusion shattered like glass. Underneath,
the most horrid face lurked- a face of pimples and blisters and grease. Even her breath smelled horrible, and Aerilaya recoiled and threw the abomination to the floor.
Daarlie screamed, covered her face and tried to run out the door, but her teary-eyed and half obscured vision led her to run face-first into the door.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER, YOU BITCH?!?" Keelai screamed, trying to stand up. Aerilaya had inadvertently contorted the poor girl's ankle, an effect she had not intended. Regardless, Keelai was also a highly skilled magic user- twisted ankle or not. She lifted her hands to make arcane gestures, and while she did that, Aerilaya prepared another chain, intent on whipping the girl before she could finish her spell- but it was all stopped when the entire room shook. In fact, the entire building had shook, but Aerilaya was only aware of her immediate surroundings at the moment. She saw bookshelves lean over, tipping books out and scattering them across the floor. A vase on one of the bookcases shattered next to Keelai, showering her with ceramic fragments.
Aerilaya could instinctively tell the source of this commotion, and made her way to Larisa's class. In the heat of the moment, she had left the hurt Keelai, as well as her belongings, behind in the library- but her mind was on her friend.
She rounded a curved stairwell, and began sprinting down the hallway. The classrom was just ahead, but then she saw there was already a crowd of people gathered there- including several students.
It didn't take much for her to clear a path to get to her friend, people jumped aside when they saw her, almost as if they were escaping a starving predator. They were frightened, but she didn't care. She stepped into the room and looked at her friend, she hadn't noticed her yet.
"I suppose you had a GREAT reason to interrupt classes throughout the school, Larry?" 

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Re: The Pandora Arc

Post by Shogun Hidora on Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:47 pm

23/1/1332 13:40

"Left at the end of the hall, then go through the door on the other side of the courtyard, then the first door on the right."
"Thank you."
"Here," Miles said, pulling a clay octagon out of his pocket and handing it to the girl. "This should help you find the way."
"Thanks again," the girl said, as she walked to the end of the hall, turning left at the end. She looked out over the courtyard, and headed towards the door at the far end. She reached the door, and started to walk through it, but she was stopped by something hard, and fell back, dropping her books on the ground.
"Need some help?" she heard a voice asking. She looked up, and saw a golden haired boy standing next to her.
"S-sure," she replied, getting to her feet.
The boy picked up her books from the ground, then handed them to her.
"Nice to meet you Ellie. Door's down further."
Ellie turned to where the door had been, and saw only a wall. She then noticed the door down further, and began walking towards it.

Kayn turned, and walked back to the group sitting at the edge of the courtyard.
"I see you helped the girl out after your little trick."
"Well, she was kinda cute."
"Unbelievable," Keelai replied, turning away from him.
"Here comes another one!" Gareth called out. "Get ready!"
Kayn then cast a spell, and the doorway was covered by an illusion of the wall, with an illusion of the doorway appearing further down the wall. The boy walked across the square, and slammed into the wall, falling over and dropping his books.
"Hey! Door's down there!" Kayn called out, as the illusions disappeared. The boy then got up and walked towards it, as the group laughed.
"Well, as much fun as messing with the new kids is, I think I should be going to class."
"You're actually going to go this time?"
"I have a feeling that something interesting will happen this time."
"I feel sorry for whoever it is this time," Keelai replied, winking at him. "Well, I think I'll go to the library then. Let's go Daarlie."
The two girls stood up, and began walking away.
"Nice hair!" Kayn called out as she left.
"Thanks!" she replied, turning back to him.
"I wasn't talking to you," Kayn said, pointing to another girl with black hair approaching.
"That bitch!" Keelai called out. She went to move towards the other girl, but Daarlie reached out her arm and stopped her.
"She's not worth it. Let's just go."
"Fine," Keelai replied, storming off towards the library.
Kayn then walked towards another doorway, Gareth and Frederick following closely behind.

They took their seats in the classroom, and Kayneth began casting illusions.
"Something planned?" Frederick whispered to him.
"You'll see," Kayn replied, before going back to his magic.
"Hey! Where'd my book go?" a girl across the room called out. "It was just here!"
"Perhaps it just fell on the ground?" the girl next to her replied. They began searching on the floor, and while they were doing so, Kayn dispelled the invisibilty on the book, before casting an illusion over it.
"Nothing down here."
"Wait, here it is," the girl said, sitting back down on her chair.
"Is that your boyfriend?" the girl on the other side asked, pointing to her book. "Unusual name for a boy, isn't it?"
The girl looked down, and saw 'Larisa' scribbled all over the front of the book. She then heard laughter, and looked towards the front, where the girl with the black hair was laughing.
"Hey! My book's gone too."
"Mine too!"
"Is there a problem here?" the professor called out from the front. "Or did you just feel like interrupting class for the fun of it?"
"Our books are missing sir."
"They're right in front of you," the professor replied, pointing at the desks in front of them. Sure enough, the books were there, but with 'Larisa' scribbled all over them, much like the first.
"Now, where was I? Ah yes..."

"Looks like something's about to happen," Gareth whispered.
"Quiet," Frederick replied. "I want to see this."
"Say, Larisa, do you mind telling us why your name is written all over our notebooks?"
"You...liked my name?"
"Don't play dumb with us! We saw you laughing the entire duration of this class and our things went missing."
"Why would I do that though?"
While the girls were arguing, Kayn cast an invisibility spell over Larisa's bag.
"My bag!"
While Larisa was frantically searching for her bag, Kayn cast an illusion over the bag of another of the girls.
"What did you take my backpack for?"
"Huh?! Me?! I didn't even touch your ugly bag!"
"Yeah...who would honestly, I mean it looks so old and beaten up, are you too poor to afford one or something?"
"It was a gift..."
Suddenly, one of the girls was turned into frog. The other two girls began casting spells at Larisa, eventually managing to set her hat on fire. Larisa then turned invisible, before reappearing next to one of the girls, lunging for her neck with her teeth. At this, a few of the other students got out of their seats, and began trying to separate them.
"This is quite fun," Kayn said, as the three of them looked on at the spectacle unfolding before them.
One of the students was sent flying at the wall, breaking through it and landing in the hallway next to the room.
"Enough!" the professor ccalled out from the hallway, separating the students that had been fighting.
"Shame," Frederick said, turning away. "That was quite enjoyable."
"Wait a minute," Kayn said, as the others turned back. "Look."
The next moment, a large explosion went off. Gareth quickly raised a shield to protect the three of them, but many of the students were not so fortunate. The professor had been knocked unconscious by the explosion, and the protective bubbles around the students who had been fighting began to disappear.
"Yay it's not damaged more!" Larisa called out in excitement, as she walked towards what appeared to be her bag. However, she fell over, having had her feet bound by the two others walking into the room. "Oops?"
"That's a very high level explosion glyph you casted there. Mind telling me why you wanted to blow up the entire floor?"
"Well...they burnt my hat and stole my things and insulted my backpack!"
"So no more blowing things up?"
"No more blowing things up..."
"I suppose you had a great reason to interrupt classes throughout the school, Larry."
"I was in a fight!"
"How does that make it sound any better?"
"By protocol she should receive a suspension, but that will all be up to the headmaster to decide."
Larisa gathered what appeared to be all of her things, and was escorted to the headmaster's office by Miles and Dullahan, Aerilaya following closely behind. The three girls Larisa had been fighting with then went in and collected what was left of their belongings, before leaving for their rooms.

"Well, that was interesting."
"So, when do you think they'll notice that they took the wrong bags?"
"Whenever I get bored of maintaining the illusions I suppose."
They laughed, then took their bags and walked out of the room.

23/1/1332 15:30
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Re: The Pandora Arc

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